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Rebirth is a fun and easy music creation application produced by Propellerhead Software. It is based on three classic Roland synthesizers, the 303, 808 and 909. Also incorporated are a bank of effects and a sequencer that enable complete songs to be produced quickly and easily.

One unique feature of the program is that users are able to customize the graphics and sounds that the program uses and save them, thus creating 'mods' that can be shared with other users. Below are the two mods that I have created, Groove ENGINE and Psycho. Feel free to download them and try them out for yourself (you will need a copy of Rebirth 2 to play them).

Propellerhead Software has released Rebirth 2 as a free torrent download which is available here or from their Rebirth Museum web site. You will need to register with them if you are not already a registered user to gain access to the download page. Once you are logged on you have access to the Rebirth 2 torrent, a huge collection of songs and the full set of official Rebirth mods.


The Original Rebirth

The Original Rebirth

The image on the left shows Rebirth in its original livery which closely matches the original Roland instruments in both looks and sounds. Its very nice, but why stick with one version when you can have many?

Propellerhead Software certainly delivered when it came to Rebirth's customisability. They included four different versions in the box and allowed you to make your own if you so desired. Many people did and the best were adopted by them as an “Approved ReBirth Modification”. Below are the two mods that I created.


From the Golden Age of Steam

Groove ENGINE Rebirth Mod

The image on the left shows Groove ENGINE, which is the first mod that I created. It has been available on the Rebirth Museum web site for some time now. The theme of this mod is steam power - so expect plenty of hissing and wheezing fun from the golden age of steam.

The size of Groove ENGINE is 5.59mb, use the button below if you would like to download it.

Download Groove ENGINE

Intense and Noisy Tunes Galore

Psycho Rebirth Mod

The image on the left shows Psycho, which is my newest creation. Psycho is more suited to the 'hard & fast' side of electronic music. It is very loud in both graphics and sound - so expect intense and noisy tunes to result from using this mod. Not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

The size of Psycho is 3.42mb, use the button below if you would like to download it.

Download Psycho
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I hope you enjoy using either of my mods, I know that I get a burst of inspiration when using a new mod. The great thing is that they turn Rebirth into a new instrument - one that you know how to play already! The effect is to keep the program fresh and interesting to use and to increase your inspiration.

If you come up with any hot tunes using either mod I would love to hear them, so send them in. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line. Happy music making and best wishes.