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* Graphic Design Services

The presentation of your information and images is extremely important in today's intensely competitive world. With the creation and application of appealing graphic design we can portray the image of your organisation that gives maximum credibility and customer appeal.

A clear and logical layout can also help make learning about your products or services more enjoyable for your visitors and potential customers. They can be directed to the information they seek quickly and easily resulting in happy visitors, a higher conversion rate and a successful website.

Brand identity can be further enhanced by using a consistent theme across all stationery and advertisements. Font choice, colour scheme and layout style all help in creating both brand awareness in the minds of your customers and conveying professionalism and commitment to you clients.

Purple Circuits offers the following graphic design services:

Graphic Design

We can create adverts, banners, book jackets, jewel cases, flyers or leaflets all designed to your specifications.

Logo Design

Either from scratch or a revamp of an existing logo design, you can be sure of a great result to enhance your business identity. See the design examples page for some examples.

Brochure Design

Uniquely designed brochures, booklets and folders for every type of business purpose, whether for print or digital, can be created to your exact requirements.

Stationery Design

We can create letterheads, complement slips and business cards for digital or hard copy purposes to help provide a consistent look and brand identity for your business.

Interface Design

Attractive but functional user interfaces for any use can be designed to your requirements using either 2D or 3D graphics or both.

Image Creation and Manipulation

Any image creation or manipulation requirements you may have can be achieved using a variety of techniques ranging from 2D or 3D graphics to photography or all three.

* Graphic Design Norwich

Purple Circuits is committed to providing you with great graphic design, images and layouts tailored to your exact requirements and priced very reasonably. We would also be glad to assist with any modifications and improvements to your existing designs, images and logos.

If you think we can help and would like to discuss your requirements further, don't hesitate to drop us a line.